Sarah Denny's portfolio

'Vessel One'

Hand raised Britannia silver, 2007

Description : The piece focuses upon the internal growth, which at first appears separate to the external form. The object is nurturing its internal growth allowing it to gently but slowly develop. The internal form changes early from within, gaining in strength and maturing its own individual bulbous shape. The viewer can not only look at the internal form, but also begin to look through and inside it. The intension is for viewers to investigate objects and forms, to appreciate how metal is formed, to look, investigate openings – experience, to feel and respond to the relationships created between objects. While the object in itself is very important, to represent such traditional smithing – the technique is equally as important. Not only to exercise them – but to demonstrate complete control of such an energetic practice. ‘New Faces’ – This piece sold at a Crafts Council showcase at the V&A in January 2008 – and was featured in their ‘Collections’ catalogue during Collect 2008.

Dimensions : H190 X W325 X D190mm

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Photo Bill Burnett
Main piece - photo Bill BurnettDetail