Sarah Denny's portfolio

'Vessel Four - Youth & Vigour'

Hand raised Britannia silver with oxidisation, 2008

Description : The relationship between Internal and External forms: The internal form in ‘Vessel Four’ becomes external by growing and extruding directly and forcefully through the wall of the external form itself.

“A gentle pebble-like adult form grows with solid strength. Internally a tube growth is still young – and powerful. It finds a point to burst through its briefly nurturing external and pushes out quickly. There’s a pause once it’s out, slowing turning downward to gather energy. Suddenly it shoots upward – gaining in strength and width with its bright polished end signifying fresh energy and all its potential.”

Dimensions : H440 X W220 X D130mm

Discover the making of 'Vessel Four ' coming soon.....

The P & O Makower Trust Silver Commission For Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Cardiff

“I’m very excited to have had this opportunity to create my first large scale museum piece. Having seen the previous commissions in this collection, I was excited by the fact that such different work had been selected for the public’s attention and that I would become part of something quite prestigious. I’ve really enjoyed making what has been my most energetic and also testing piece of hammer work! I think the museum environment is a very fitting home for a piece which has the presence it’s hopefully achieved. It means a lot to show the piece back home here in Wales. I feel very proud to have it in a Welsh museum - to nationally show here especially what I love doing. I hope that viewers of the piece will experience something a little different once again in this year’s selection.”

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