Sarah Denny's portfolio

'Vessel Three'

Hand raised Britannia silver, 2007

Little Gems – Commissions in Silver by Sheffield Assay Office

Description : Rather than lingering inside a vessel or growing gradually and calmly outward through a main vessel opening; the internal forms in ‘Vessel Three’ remain inside entirely - eager and impatient. These new young growths are strong, fast and healthy but are multiplying and developing within an equally strong external body. The subtle detail of the thick opening strongly containing the growths underneath, dipping down towards them - forcing them back down! The internal forms are gathered and confined rolling over themselves frantically – enticing inspection and observation. Commissioned by Sheffield Assay Office through the Starter studio programme, to be part of the Millennium Galleries collection.

Dimensions : H160 X W150 X D150mm

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Finished pieceDetail