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'Silver Stack'

Hand raised Britannia Silver, 2012

Private Commission : ‘Barbara's Celebratory Silver Piece' (formerly known as the ‘Stackable Set’ concept)

Description : A multiple component piece, which at first appears as one whole object, but on closer investigation, can be opened up to reveal three separate playful individual objects (these can be displayed together or separate).

Design thoughts to my commissioner : 

Key words from my commissioner...

Dish or Bowl



Lidded/ covered

Flattish/ squat

Sound → interactive…

“During my visit with you I was surprised to see how tactile the small pieces were to you– to see how important ‘touching’ was, as well as how a piece looked. I remember how we all enjoyed ‘playing’ with the objects, sitting them together in different ways or placing them separately in different positions. When sat at home doing the same thing I concluded that this ‘playful’ element was perhaps one of the most important ones, coupled thoughtfully with tactile multiple objects that could be interacted with as separates as well as together (not forgetting the slottable sounds of metal against metal of course!).

In the main example of this following ‘Stackable Set’ concept, I can imagine how we would interact with the objects - the dish (‘Component 2’) would be rolling around in a circle, being nudged from time to time… with the completing lid section (‘Component 3’) swaying on its side nearby… The lid could have numerous varieties of fun looking ‘handles’. I chose this one for the main example with its strangely funky hook like form – inviting us to grab on and lift! The lid itself would be best as a flattish disc form. In conjunction with its handle, I can imagine the penny-like disc would best encourage that lovely sound. I thought this was possibly the most suiting of concepts for you.”

The Diamond Jubilee Hallmark : This piece has also been specially struck with the Diamond Jubilee Hallmark, in addition to the statutory hallmarks.

‘2012 IS THE DIAMOND JUBILEE OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II. The Queen is only the second British Monarch to serve for 60 years and major celebrations are anticipated. A special commemorative hallmark has been approved, which will be an optional mark available from all four UK assay offices in combination with a statutory hallmark. The chosen mark depicts a young Queen Elizabeth wearing an oversized crown in a diamond shaped surround.’ (Sheffield Assay Office, July 2011)

Dimensions : H200 x W150 x D150mm

Discover the making of 'Silver Stack'.....

Planishing main bowl Newly punched hallmarks, including the Diamond Jubilee mark
Complete piece 'stacked' - Photo Guy WaitesPiece partly 'stacked' - Photo Guy WaitesPiece in its separate sections - Photo Guy WaitesLine drawing showing separate componentsLine drawing showing components together