Sarah Denny's portfolio

'Group of Three'

Hand raised Britannia silver, 2009

Line and Open forms

Description : ‘Group of Three’ was a project set to explore making silver objects on a smaller and more personal scale. Most exciting was the prospect of producing a number of these smaller pieces which would sit next to each other and relate in a simple way.

In a thoughtful process of ‘looking at objects’, the connection made between the pieces was selective and considered. In comparing size, height and surrounding space, the positioning of the Open forms could be played with to find a number of interesting compositions. Above all, the variable placements of the objects highlight the gentle simplicity of their outlines. With both delicate and heavy lines, these darkened rims are what link them as a family, all attempting to acquire ‘faultless’ fluid curves.

With such personal appeal, I’d like to further explore relating smaller grouped objects, to produce very sweet little pieces with great visual narratives. Independent, dominant forms within a group, or a family of forms all needy of each other?

Dimensions :

Large Bowl : H60 X W200 X D200mm

Small Bowl : H45 X W80 X D80mm

Long Dish  : H25 X W150 X D60mm

(N.B. These sizes may vary)


'Group of Three'At the gallery'Group of Three' in full view