'Vessel Four - Youth & Vigour', 2008

The P & O Makower Trust Silver Commission For Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

'Vessel Four' was featured in the November edition of the Crafts magazine (see images to right). The piece can be first viewed in exhibition from the start of 2009.

“I’m very excited to have had this opportunity to create my first large scale museum piece. Having seen the previous commissions in this collection, I was excited by the fact that such different work had been selected for the public’s attention and that I would become part of something quite prestigious. I’ve really enjoyed making what has been my most energetic and also testing piece of hammer work! I think the museum environment is a very fitting home for a piece which has the presence it’s hopefully achieved. It means a lot to show the piece back home here in Wales. I feel very proud to have it in a Welsh museum - to nationally show here especially what I love doing. I hope that viewers of the piece will experience something a little different once again in this year’s selection.”

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