EXIT 3, 2008

The exhibition runs from 10th November until 19th December at Persistence Works on Brown Street. The exhibition is open and free to the public between Monday and Friday. Opening hours are Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri – 10am to 5 pm and Thu 10.45am to 5 pm.

Press Release

Now in its 3rd year, Persistence Works again plays host to this annual exhibition of precious metal work created by two young and talented designer silversmiths. This year, part of the city-wide festival of contemporary metalwork and innovation, Galvanize Sheffield 2008, we are proud to present new work by Sarah Denny and Rebecca Joselyn.

Sarah Denny has perfected the traditional skills of hand raising, a technique where the silversmith starts from a flat sheet of silver and hammers this into a bowl form. Sarah creates stunningly beautiful vessel shapes, working the material often into a complex form that seemingly disappears into itself, creating works which are as fascinating to look at as well as into. Her recent piece commissioned by the P&O Makower Trust for the National Museum of Wales is one such an example. Sarah is beginning to make a name for herself and uses this particular exhibition opportunity to create a series of smaller pieces to compliment a large scale work.

“I’m excited about exploring a smaller scale - to take particular elements from a larger work and to really highlight sophisticated and subtle developing form. In carefully laying together a selection of smaller tactile pieces alongside their more complex sister, I think will create a very interesting comparative exhibition.”

For further details contact Mir Jansen or Jo Nancarrow Direct. 0114 2130111 or Mobile: 07985 919872 Yorkshire ArtSpace Society Persistence Works, 21 Brown street Sheffield S1 2BS 0114 2761769

Lo-tec, an East London based multi-disciplinary design studio are producing the exhibtion invites, to obtain an invite please feel free to contact

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